Alpyland is an amusement park on the top of the Mottarone, a mountain 1492 meters tall. Alpyland is an Alpine Coaster similar to a Big Dipper going only down-hill

On the top of the “montagna dei novaresi” (mount of Novara people) you can live the experience of the Alpine Coaster, a bobsled roller coaster for both summer and winter. Amusement for all people of all ages.

The Alpine Coaster is similar to a Big Dipper going only downhill. Its distinctive characteristic is that every user can decide at what speed to go. The two-man bobsleighs, indeed, are equipped with a braking system that the passenger on the back seat can actuate for increasing or decreasing the speed. The track is 1200 mt long and develops over a drop of 100 mt.

1200 mt long track
adjustable speed
for all ages (from 4 years old)
for the whole family